Russian Obraz

The history of appearance

The brand «Obraz» was brought to Russia by Ilya Goryachev in autumn of 2002 from Serbia. The creation of «Obraz» in Russia was authorized by members of the main board of the «Serbian Obraz» Mladen Obradovic, deacon Boban Milovanovic and Alexander Mishic.

Originally, the «Russian Obraz» was a group of like-minded people involved in the release of the magazine. The first issue of «Russian Obraz» was released March 1, 2003. Colonel general Leonid Ivashov fully approved and supported the issuance of the magazine.

As social-political movement «Russian Obraz» was formed in 2007. 

Now branches of RO function in 20 out of 83 Russian regions and also in Belarus.

«Russian Obraz» in force:
- Informational and analytics Project «Right World».

- Monitoring of the activity of diasporas «Ermolov».

- Socio-humanitarian project «Russian demography».

- musical group «Right Hook» - Interview with the band.            

- Military historical website

Official magazine of the organization:

Magazine «Russian Obraz»

Basic documents:

Conception of «Russian Obraz»

- The political program of «Russian Obraz»

Code of Ethics of the Russian nationalist - code was composed by «Russian Obraz» and offered to certain number of other Right organizations for signing in October 2008.

Declaration of Russian National Organizations - declaration was composed by «Russian Obraz» and offered of main Right organizations for signing in October 2010

- "The Caucasian question" - program of russian nationalists.

- May Day manifesto of the Russian Obraz

Membership in the European alliances:

In 2004 - 2005 «Russian Obraz» as well as «Serbian Obraz» participated in the European National Front. In 2005 as a result of the conflict the Russian as well as Serbian «Obraz» left the organization. The conflict occurred in the Assembly JNF in Poland, where the representatives of the Slovenian Pospolitost’ participated who were representing the interests of Russian and Serbian «Obraz» The reason of the conflict was the adoption of the russophobian Lithuanian organization to the ENF

Organization - allies in Europe:

- Serbian Obraz (Serbia)

- Movement «1389» (Serbia)

- Hrisi Avgi (Greece)

- the English Democrats (UK)

- the Danes' party (Denmark)

- Slovenska Pospolitost (Slovakia)

- Czech Labour Party (Czech Republic)

- Nuoa Dreapta (Romania)

The most successful events of "Russian Obraz":

- Russian March on November 4, 2008
- The 1st of May «Against communism and capitalism» in 2009
- Prisoners of War Russiawide support - July 25, 2009
- “Ermolov fest” in Stavropol – tournament of mixed fights and rock concert with the participation «Sokira Peruna» and «Right Hook» bands.
- «Kolovrat» and «Right Hook» concert at the Bolotnaya Square, Moscow on November 04, 2009.

Minsk Conference - 2011



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